We provide a full portfolio of marine maintenance services that include everything the boat owner requires as indicated in the 'slide down' sections below. In addition, we can also meet bespoke customer requirements including toilet systems, fuel and water systems, cover and sail repair and cleaning and many more.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to about any services or individual requirements you may have that are not listed.

Boat Management

This service consists of a bespoke package built by the owner to meet their specific boating needs. This is a great service for busy individuals who would rather spend all their time onboard relaxing and making the most of their boating time available.

After using the vessel the boat owner can just walk away and know the ‘chores’ of boating will be completed and the vessel restored to a clean and ‘ready for action’ state for the next visit. For example we will carry out all your main yearly maintaince ie: polishing, antifoul, and anodes.We will make sure fridges are replenished, bedding and towels cleaned, a choice of fortnightly, monthly or quarterly washes, all internals vacuumed and cleaned when needed, teak washed and brightened periodically, whilst onboard bilges will be checked regularly for water and emptied if needed and engines can be run to temperature. This service really can be fine tuned to the boat owners specific requirements.

One off, Monthly, Quaterly Washes

With this service we will visit your vessel, wash & wax your boat, power wash decks, clean canopies, polish stainless metal work, wash and dry the cockpit, vinyl shampoo leather seats and upholstery, clean inside external lockers, remove fouling from fenders and if requested, clean and brighten your teak.

This service is available either as a one off basis (as requested) when you feel it necessary or, on a specific date either fortnightly, once a month or once every quarter. Again this service can be tailored to your specific needs.

Teak Restoration & Sealing

Regular cleaning and brightening plays a very important part in preserving the life of your boats teak and preventing weather erosion which could result in costly repairs. This treatment is a two stage system, firstly the cleaning removes all dirt, stains and most importantly green mildew that you will often see on many neglected boats. The second part is the brightener that restores a freshly sanded look and golden colour of well cared for teak. This treatment is recommended ideally at least once a year.

A final option is teak sealing which is an initial two coat application of SEMCO, the best sealer on the market which (unlike most sealers and oils) will protect the wood for an entire season. Then a single re-coat at seasonal intervals will keep your teak in looking great for many seasons to come.

Internal Valeting Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

The internal valeting service entails us visiting your boat and cleaning all vinyl walls and ceilings, conditioning all leather and upholstered seating, polishing all highly varnished wooden surfaces and work tops, cleaning all inside glass and mirrors, restrooms are washed and dry wiped. In addition, the galley appliances such as fridges and ovens are cleaned, all removable linen is machine washed, and bilges checked and wiped clean.

Lastly, (if requested) using our specialized twin motored carpet and upholstery vacuum cleaner, (not just a vax wet Hoover as frequently used by other inferior valeting companies) we thoroughly wash your interior carpets and upholstery leaving them clean and smelling fresh to complete the valet.

Bilge & Engine Bay Cleaning & Painting

Regular bilge and engine bay inspection is an important component of good boat maintenance. So that you can inspect your engines and bilges with ease, we will clean all bilges using degreasing detergents and wipe them clean.

In the case of older boats, we can also paint bilges and give tired looking engines a lick of paint to restore their former new appearance. Clean and tidy engines and bilges increase the effective value of a vessel and show that it has been well maintained. Leaks will be easier to spot early and thus potentially avoid engine damage and a resultant costly repair bill.

Topsides & Superstructure Compounding & Polishing

Polishing external GRP surfaces is a must at least once a year considering the harsh environment they endure with our good old English weather. This procedure is for newer and well maintained vessels that have not sustained heavy UV damage and staining.

To polish the hull to its utmost best, the boat will ideally need to be on land. We will wash your hull, topsides and superstructure (as required), then apply by hand (using good old fashioned ‘elbow grease’) a profile high gloss polish to all external surfaces including the cockpit area and finally buff away with a sheep's wool pad on a polishing machine at a medium speed.

Compounding GRP surfaces is a different process to polishing and waxing as this needs to be carried out on boats that have sustained considerable damage from UV rays, stains and other grime. The process will change your vessel from a dull, non shiny state to a highly glossed finish. In extreme cases and especially on coloured hulls, we will be required to use the wet and dry procedure which involves going through different grades of abrasive papers before polishing.

With this service we will wash your hull, topsides and superstructure (as required) and then compound all external surfaces including the cockpit, fly bridges and radar arches with an advanced liquid compound on a foam compounding pad using a polishing machine. When we are completing a superstructure we will always finish the job with a full wash as described. This full process will seal and protect for at least one full season if kept regularly washed.

Whether simply polishing or compounding, your vessel will be left with a fully protected high gloss ‘as new’ showroom appearance.

Antifoul Application

While antifouling is generally considered the least enjoyed and most dreaded of the boat owners ‘chores’, it should be a yearly task for all boat owners. Correct and seasonal antifoul application is a very important part of boat maintenance. While ensuring the boats performance it also stops water penetration of the hull which can result in Osmosis and thus devaluation of the vessel and a pricely repair bill.

Therefore, at Shoreline Boats we take antifouling very seriously as its not just a cosmetic treatment. If you have just purchased a brand new boat or are a brokerage handing over a brand new boat to the new proud owners, then we can carry out its first antifoul which consists of creating a new water line, grading (sanding) up to the new line. Priming all areas that were graded and then applying two coats of antifoul of choice.

In some cases of previous bad antifoul application, antifoul paint loses its adhesion to your hull and removal is the only way to correct it. This is explained further in Antifoul & Epoxy Coatings.

Our antifoul application preparation begins with power washing your hull depending if your chosen boat yard has not already done so. We then make sure all lose matter is removed before any application of paint. If areas of the previous paint have peeled off we will sand back all edges, key the surface and prime with relevant undercoat. After preparation, we then mask the boat (waterline etc) before applying two complete coats of the chosen antifoul paint. Prices for antifoul application will include either outdrives being cleaned painted and stainless props cleaned with acid or stern gear polished with a wire wheel.

All makes of anodes can also be supplied and changed with this service.

Antifoul Removal & Epoxy Coatings

In some cases of bad application, antifoul can lose its adhesion to the vessel’s hull and full removal and re-application is the only way to properly correct it. Depending on the state of the current hull condition removal is possible via two methods.

The first is by scrapping and using chemicals to remove all old antifoul paint. All previously painted areas are then keyed (sanded) to ensure the surface will form a good adhesion, before applying a coat of antifoul primer. Lastly two coats of antifoul paint are applied (see Antifoul application).

The second method, we have your vessel sand blasted and again grade (sand) all previously painted hull areas if necessary. Sandblasting removes the hulls water resistance leaving the hull open to water penetration and possibly further leading to osmosis. Therefore, after sand blasting, we will apply up to six coats of Gelsheild which is an epoxy coating to restore the hulls water resistance. Finally we will then apply two coats of chosen antifoul paint to complete the hull.

Coppercoat Application

This services is for those boat owners who are looking for a more cost effective and less labour intensive method of keeping your vessels bottom clean after an initial investment. Unlike regular antifoul coatings, hardwearing Coppercoat remains effective for many seasons. A single treatment of Coppercoat is proven to remain effective for at least ten years. The first boats treated are still clean after 15 seasons!

With the combination of high copper content and a unique blend of biocides ensures ultra low growth rates and a clean hull. Motorboat owners report increased speed at lower revs, meaning a lower rate of fuel consumption and less engine wear. Professional racers can also burnish the surface if required. Coppercoat is based upon an inherently waterproof epoxy resin. As such, the application of Coppercoat helps to protect GRP vessels against Osmosis.

No more reason for expensive and unpleasant annual stripping and repainting of hulls. Simply hose down the hull at regular intervals (commonly once a year), to remove any build up of slime. Being epoxy based Coppercoat is classified as non-eroding and causes less harm to the environment than conventional anti-foul paints.

To apply Coppercoat we will need to remove all old coatings, this can either be done by scrapping and using chemicals or by sandblasting, depending on the finish after removal we may have to grade(sand) the hull, A complete treatment is usually achieved within three thin coats, applied wet on tacky applying with a roller to the prepared surface.

Rib & Tender Cleaning

Ribs and inflatable tenders especially those that are stored hanging on davits or left exposed to the elements often suffer a lack luster appearance due to fading and UV degradation.

Using a highly effective formula for the cleaning and restoration of both PVC and Hypalon tube materials we can return your Rib or tender back to its original glory. We will polish any Grp surfaces, all seating will be cleaned and treated, covers cleaned, lockers wiped clean. In addition if your rib has teak this can also be cleaned and brightened. To complete the restoration we always give a full wash and decks scrub.

Anode Replacement

Anode replacement is an important annual service procedure to help stop damage occurring to stern drives and stern gear from electrical currents that are found in all waters. There are various types of anodes all of which we can both supply and fit.

Sterngear Cleaning

The purpose of the cleaning stern gear is to remove all build up of lime scale and barnacles on all underwater metal surfaces such as props, rudders, P-brackets, shafts and trim tabs. Stern drives are also catered for but their cleaning involves a slightly different approach. We will again descale any metal surfaces that are present and remove all growth and barnacles. Once clean, we will mask all areas around stern drives then apply a whole can of spray antifoul to each unit.


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